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6 Tips for Raising Your Miles Per Gallon

6 Tips for Raising Your Miles Per GallonThe price of a gallon of gas is never steady, constantly rising and falling. But regardless of what you pay to fill up your tank it is always a good idea to try and get the best possible fuel economy. In order to ensure the highest MPGs here are a few tips regarding your driving habits and routine auto maintenance. If you need assistance with any sort of service be sure to visit your local auto shop!

1. Properly Inflate Tires

Driving on tires that are underinflated can cause increased fuel consumption by one to two MPGs or more because your car's engine must work harder to get the soft tires to turn. Have your local auto professional check your tire's PSI rating to make sure they're properly filled.

2. Inspect your Gas Cap

A damaged or ill-fitting gas cap can allow gasoline to evaporate into thin air. At that point you're paying for gas you didn't even have a chance to use. So make sure your gas cap is on tight and doesn't have any cracks.

3. Avoid Lengthy Warm Up Time

Your car should not need more than 1 or 2 minutes to warm up in the morning, if that. When your car or truck sits idling you're getting exactly zero miles per gallon.

4. Obey the Speed Limit

MPGs begin to drop rapidly at speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. When you're on the freeway set your cruise control to 60 to get the highest MPG rating possible out of your car, as this is an ideal speed for most vehicles.

5. Replace Worn Spark Plugs

Spark plugs, which create a small spark to fire the pistons, burn gasoline to do so. Depending on the size of your engine, they can fire up to 3 million times every 1,000 miles traveled. A dirty spark plug can misfire, which wastes fuel.

6. Replace the Air Filter

A dirty air filter means there isn't enough air getting mixing with the gas, which causes a rich mixture. This is a waste of fuel and can cause other problems in your car's engine.

Make sure you are getting the best miles per gallon by bringing your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop for routine service. If you need assistance with auto maintenance in Palo Alto the team at The Car Doctor will be happy to assist you. We do it all for your car at our full service facility. Give us a call at (650) 492-6853 to schedule an appointment for expert auto service in Palo Alto today!

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