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German Auto Repair Shop in Mountain ViewGermany is well known for producing some of the most luxurious and sporty cars in the world and The Car Doctor is your source for expert German auto repair in Palo Alto. Our team of professional mechanics can provide your car with the service it needs to remain in prime operating condition. This includes conducting routine German auto maintenance. To schedule German auto service in Mountain View give The Car Doctor a call today!

BMW Repair

BMW produces some exciting vehicles and we take care of them all. We offer full service for 1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series and 7 Series BMWs. This includes everything from routine oil changes to complex engine diagnostics and repair.

Audi Repair

Our technicians offer expert diagnostics, maintenance and repair of all Audi models, including A Series vehicles, Q Series vehicles, S Series vehicles and the Audi TT as well as others. From factory service to transmission work, we do it all.

Mercedes Repair

One of the oldest automakers in the world is Mercedes-Benz, which began operating in the late 1800s. They have certainly worked diligently to develop some of the most luxurious vehicles ever to hit the road, and we are more than happy to service any of them at The Car Doctor!

VW Repair

VW Repair in Mountain ViewThis classic brand of vehicles has evolved to offer much more than the Beetle and Bus! No matter what Volkswagen you drive our technicians can take care of it! This includes the Passat, Jetta and Golf!

When you need German auto repair in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale or the surrounding area you need to visit The Car Doctor! Our highly skilled technicians have access to the latest diagnostic and repair equipment, ensuring fast and accurate service every time. To schedule an appointment give us a call at (650) 492-6853 today!

"Gary and Chris at the Car Doctor are top notch and some of the absolute nicest people! I took my car there in need of an oil change but knowing it needed a good look over. (It's an old car that I'm trying to just keep alive.) They were prompt with getting back to me (a HUGE pet peeve of past mechanics, never calling when they say they will), and really thoughtful about they way they provided information about the work that needed to be done today and things that I could put off a little, to help with my budget. This is huge in that I never want to spend an arm and leg if my car is just going to die, but they were able to help me make an informed smart decision for where I am.

I feel that they are absolutely trust-worthy, one of the most affordable mechanics I've been to in a LONG time, and really all around good guys who care about their customers. I'm thankful I found them and looking forward to taking our other family car to them now too. Thanks Chris and Gary!"


"I find the Car Doctor to be a super ethical business. They are always prompt and thorough in the work they perform. If they think I can get the work done better and/or cheaper somewhere else (ie the car dealer), they will direct me there. I do not know very many businesses that will give you this kind of advice. I recommend Dave Hanson as a service writer. I followed him from a previous garage that went out of business. Highly recommended all around!"

"I have complete confidence in the work they do and that's so important! Their prices are very competitive too. The quality of the work and great customer service is above and beyond. That's why I always go to The Car Doctor!!"


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